At Field Group, our purpose is to champion our clients, giving them the tools they need to reach new levels of success.

Built on the foundation of over 30 years of marketing and advertising experience, Field Group serves clients from top medical, agricultural, municipal, professional, non-profit, and retail industries.

No matter the industry, we’re passionate about helping organizations grow meaningful relationships with people. We know that their successes are wins for entire communities.

At Field Group, our team has a fine-tuned process to help your business succeed. The best part? You don’t have to have a plan. That’s our job. Just tell us your goals and we come up with strategy, design, and the whole shebang.

  1. Connect

    • Meet with your team to discuss your goals
  2. Brainstorm

    • Come together to identify creative solutions
  3. Strategize

    • Research the market and develop a plan
  4. Create

    • Develop the tools to best share the message
  5. Implement

    • Coordinate with media and partners to share your story

We pride ourselves on tried and true practices, teamwork, and our ability to deliver. Let’s talk about what Field Group can do for you.

We feel passionate about the efforts our local non-profit organizations are making towards improving our community. The Washington Secretary of State has recognized Field Group for the work we do to support those nonprofits. Each year we select one or two organizations and donate the marketing materials they need to best support their mission. In addition, throughout the year we support a number of local charitable organizations in variety of ways.

In 2019, we donated over $160,000 of our time to non-profits serving in an array of sectors: education, health care, philanthropy, housing, tourism, and more.

Below are some examples of our donated works: