Sheri-Lou Creson

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Describe yourself if three words:

Thoughtful, resilient, and short

Describe what you do at FG:

I get to initiate the imagination of our team here at Field Group and bring amazing design solutions to our clients.

What or who inspires you lately? Why?

Abraham Lincoln. He only had one year of school, yet he had the initiative and incredible determination to educate himself and rose so high he became the President of the United States. He witnessed an indescribable wrong in this country, he did not turn away, instead he made the ultimate sacrifice of human lives. It nearly destroyed him and ultimately it killed him.

What have you learned recently?

That the design of the Bullet Train in Japan was inspired by the Kingfisher. By designing the front of the train to match the Kingfisher’s beak the train became 10% faster and 15% more efficient.

What makes you look forward to coming to work?

With all honesty, it is everyone I work with.