Digital & Online Advertising

Digital & Online Advertising

Variety is the spice of life…


I have a website, so why don’t I have customers? Developing a website is only one component of maintaining a digital presence. Businesses are all jockeying for top ranking in searches, and search engines are getting more and more particular about which sites best match search inquiries. Even with strong, relevant web content, sometimes sites need a push from online advertising.

Whether matching a search with keywords, positioning a display ad for a specific audience, or channeling your budget to place ads only on the most relevant channels, at the appropriate times, to reach a very specific audience, FG can help you develop an online campaign that brings visitors to your site and converts them to valued consumers. With robust digital reporting capabilities and an ability to digest and clearly analyze data, FG provides invaluable insights into your consumers and their purchasing habits.

Tips and Tools

The best thing about digital advertising is the information it provides about your audience and their online behaviors and activities. Working with analytics, optimized web content, audience analysis, and other online tools, we can target your audience more effectively than ever before. We can even carry that knowledge over to information traditional media placements. At FG, we help build content that search engines value and we stagger your message across platforms—making decisions in real time—to ensure the most effective results.