Social Strategy

Social Strategy

Rome was not built in a day…


Social media is often misunderstood because it’s touted as a “free” platform. However, when you calculate the time spent on social media from a business perspective, it’s often not free if it steals employees’ time from their work and isn’t growing your customer base. Social media is meant for engagement. To cultivate followers organically means actively following and engaging with others to get them to engage with you. This takes time, which often translates to money. Attempting to expand your social media presence internally without a plan for consistent engagement will fail.

Tips and Tools

At FG we can help you develop an editorial calendar and tools to better plan and coordinate your social media efforts. We can also help you understand when paid social media ads may make more sense, or even help manage your social media campaigns—developing content, scheduling posts, producing videos, creating memes, and leading external engagement.