24-hour Create for a Cause

A 24-hr pro bono event to support local non-profits, Rod’s House and La Casa Hogar


Non-profits have to be very mindful of how they use their funds. In order to help two non-profit organizations in our community, Rod’s House and La Casa Hogar, with their organization and capital campaign branding we had a 24-hour Create-For-A-Cause extravaganza!


Create branding and messaging for La Casa Hogar and Rod’s House in 24-hours or less including brand guidelines, websites, and promotional materials.


Create-For-A-Cause kicked off with every member of our team hunkering down for an intense brainstorming session to create the backbone behind their brands. From there, we broke off into teams to design logos and write brand guidelines. Our team created promotional materials to help each organization elevate their brands in the community.


Create-For-A-Cause was a success! In 24-hours, both organizations had new logos, websites, brochures, postcards, and more. La Casa Hogar’s capital campaign has been well received by supporters and Rod’s House has gained higher brand recognition in the community.