Create for a Cause

Applications are due by December 15th, 2023

Tell us who you think should get a free advertising project!

Do you know a local non-profit needing some marketing or advertising help? When our non-profits are stronger, our community is stronger. That’s why our team is banding together for an around-the-clock barn raising of creativity. Two lucky, local non-profits will be selected, and we’ll literally stay up all night developing and creating a finished product to support them. We’re ready for some midnight magic. Let’s get crackin’!

To qualify for participation, the organization must:

  1. Operate under non-profit status

  2. Be located in Yakima County

  3. Spend a majority of their operating budget in Yakima County

What We Will Do:

During Create for a Cause, we're closing our doors for 24 hours to create marketing materials for two nonprofit organizations. This year’s Create for a Cause will take place January 17th and 18th. Applications are due by December 15, 2023. Winners will be selected based on their needs, impact on the community, and ability to maintain a marketing presence.

What You Need to Do:

Complete the form below. What does this organization do? Please tell us a little about what they need and why. What is their passion and mission?

Accepted Projects:

Our entire team, including graphic designers, copywriters, strategists, and project managers, will work to craft your cost-free, custom-designed collateral piece(s) during the 24-hour creative blitz! Due to time constraints, project options for this 24-hour run are limited to:

  1. Brand/logo refresh and related brand items like business cards, etc.
  2. Campaign development to raise awareness, raise funds, or send another message through multiple platforms.
  3. Creatively plan and develop event promotion pieces such as print ads, flyers, and invitations.

Please tell us more about your organization and why we should choose you:

For More Information:

Thank you for your interest in Create for a Cause. Please contact Nicole Donegan or call (509) 965-1780 for more information. We look forward to hearing your story!