Greater Health Now

Helping Central and Eastern Washington communities “Pause” to ease the mental and physical impacts of COVID-19.


In December 2019, Greater Health Now (known at the time as Greater Columbia Accountable Communities of Health) engaged Field Group to develop a campaign to an address the behavioral health impacts of COVID-19. They had collaborated with clinical psychologist Dr. Kira Mauseth on training for parents and teachers to educate them on how to help themselves and their children manage the trauma of the pandemic and wanted to develop materials for adults and children to help share this information as quickly as possible.


Within 90 days, develop and deploy an easy-to-understand and simple to implement bilingual health toolbox for use in all of GHN’s nine-county service area.


Field Group found that each technique in Dr. Mauseth’s training started with taking a moment to stop and take stock of emotions, so we developed the slogan “Practice the Pause” as both a call to action and a quick description of the materials.

FG built a toolkit including workbooks and videos illustrating the behavioral management techniques from Dr. Mauseth’s work. These assets were supported by an educational campaign throughout TV, radio, print, billboards, direct mail and digital ad and shared at for easy public access.


In all, Field Group created several versions of the training toolkits to speak to parents, teachers, adults, youth ages 5-12 years old and teens 13-18 years old. Workbooks, brochures, rack cards, and videos as well as a landing page and online resource library launched on schedule and shared with community partners alongside real-world training seminars throughout GHN’s nine county area. Several community partners found the materials so helpful they came together to fund additional printing and assure delivery of materials to every school district in the nine-county region.