Tri-Cities Airport, Earn More When You PAS-CO

Position the Tri-Cities Airport as the central air travel hub in Central Washington while crafting a captivating and adaptable theme to consistently enhance brand recognition amidst increasing flight offerings at smaller airports.


Smaller airports in Central Washington are slowly adding additional flights, indicating that it was time to start positioning the Tri-Cities Airport as the area's central hub for air travel, with a specific focus on the Yakima Valley. This needed to be done while crafting a fun and engaging message to help cut through all the advertising clutter.


Create a theme that could be revisited repeatedly, with minor modifications to the message and design, to build further brand recognition for the Tri-Cities Airport.


Create a six-week, dual-language campaign including TV, radio, print, digital, and social media advertising featuring our new airplane pilot mascot to accompany the “Don’t Take a Chance” game-play theme. We anticipate repurposing the pilot as the airport’s mascot to go along with new gameboard themes and references in the future.


The campaign resulted in a 33% increase in website visitors from the Yakima area compared to the previous weeks. Overall, the website saw the average weekly visitors jump by 80%. The digital strategy also saw over 400k impressions across Facebook, YouTube, and Google, with higher than industry average click-through rates (CTRs), including an impressive 28.97% CTR for Google Search ads.