Leavenworth Chamber of Commerce

Every day I'm yodelin'...


Leavenworth is a popular weekend getaway for visitors escaping the grey skies and heavy traffic of Seattle. With limited budgets and high media costs in Seattle, how can the Leavenworth Chamber remind visitors to consider staying for more than an overnight trip?


We were tasked with reaching our audience in a compelling way to cut through the advertising noise, and remind Seattle residents of all the opportunities that Leavenworth offers beyond the weekend getaway.


The “Everyday I’m Yodelin’” campaign kicked off with a guerrilla event in Seattle’s Marketplace square. Our festive Bavarian yodeler accompanied by a charming goat named Sugarbottom, encouraged those he met to yodel along with him for a chance to win a trip to Leavenworth. We promoted this event via radio and press releases to the Seattle media


Our yodeler certainly drew attention, and frankly Sugarbottom stole the show! All three major networks sent crews to cover the event and was featured on the evening and the morning news, reminding Seattle-ites of the little Bavarian village just a couple hours away. The playful 2-year campaign that followed was designed to spotlight all of Leavenworth’s attractions year-round.