Rod's House

Public relations, community involvement, and a marketing plan to help Rod's House prepare to break ground on a youth shelter in Yakima.


Educate and engage the public in ways that built understanding and fostered open communication. Share up-to-date information, legal notices, and funding details with the community.


Build transparency, solicit community feedback through Rod's House land use application, and educate the public about the long-term benefits and impacts of the housing program.


Field Group developed a marketing plan that included everything from an open house to an informational website.

Rod’s House had limited budget, but capable and willing staff so we developed a communication plan and a detailed execution plan to help assign roles between Rod’s House and Field Group staff.

From press releases, invites, handouts and media talking points to helping support the open house, Field Group worked alongside Rod's House throughout the plan to assure they had the support they needed at each stage.


Over 25 people attended the open house and learned about the project, including several news media outlets. Rod's House found public opinion to be largely positive and those that attended the open house with concerns left feeling they had been heard and when possible. The project landing page received over 1,500 visitors during the public comment period.