West Valley School District 208

Building a communication strategy to engage with staff, parents, and community stakeholders consistently and cohesively across campuses and throughout the district.


In 2015, West Valley had not successfully won a bond issue for elementary school improvements since 1993. A leading impediment was the District’s lack of established, consistent communication channels to reach parents, residents, and other stakeholders. Because the Public Disclosure Commission (PDC) restricts schools from creating tools outside their regular communications to share bond and levy information, the District didn’t have the framework to share developments and engage with the community when it most needed it.


Implement communication tools to be used consistently throughout the year so WVSD’s communication channels and frequency of information were in place before any ballot measures and the District could utilize them to tell its story before a bond or levy was initiated.


To gain brand consistency, FG created cohesive logos and branding for each school and the district. We created e-newsletter templates to improve communication with parents and made website improvements to make the District’s online presence more user friendly. Finally, we created bi-weekly e-newsletters targeting stakeholders, parents, staff, and residents as well as monthly direct mail postcards to district residents.


In 2019, WVSD successfully passed a bond issue for two new elementary schools. The communication strategy evolved with the hire of a full-time District communications director, but the tools for ongoing communication have proven invaluable for WVSD’s growth and transparency. FG has served three communications directors and two superintendents, rebuilt the WVSD and school websites, and continues to assist with anything from crisis communications to WV’s day-to-day needs.