WorkSource Resources

Ensure un- & under-employed people recognize WorkSource has resources and services just for them!


During uncertain times when people of all backgrounds regularly tackle life-altering hurdles, we need to reach those experiencing unemployment OR under-employment (not making a livable wage) to help them recognize they have options! And they’re eligible for services through WorkSource.


Raise awareness of benefits available to help unemployed or under-employed individuals re-enter the workforce by showcasing a success story.


Utilizing a dual-language (Spanish/English) campaign through radio, TV, digital, and social media advertisements, we told the story of Debbie, a woman who, after dedicating 23 years to a company, found herself unemployed when the company closed unexpectedly. Debbie later began working at WorkSource, where she counseled others experiencing situations like hers.

Nathan was one of those individuals—an under-employed youth whom Debbie helped find funding to pay for his college education. Nathan is now fully employed as a medical assistant.


In addition to exceeding the goal for form fills on the landing page, Google Analytics showed over 4,870 new users clicked through to the campaign’s landing page in just four weeks, an over a 200% increase over prior months! The response exceeded capacity, and some users were even placed on a waiting list for services.