Yakima Neighborhood Health Services

Showcase Spanish-speaking community members stories to help show the importance of and the real-world reasons for getting vaccinated against COVID-19.


With a limited budget, encourage wary families to get COVID-19 vaccines as vaccination numbers were declining.


Educate and inspire people to get vaccinated against COVID-19.


Field Group focused on everyday individuals that received the vaccine because they were essential workers, could not self-isolate, and were concerned about their and their family’s health. These individuals spoke directly to our audience’s hesitancy and fears, while encouraging them to get vaccinated.

Field Group interviewed people for a series of 30-second videos for Spanish-language digital and television ads, ran the audio on Spanish-language radio, and created print ads featuring them in the local Spanish-language newspaper. We paired the paid media with posts on social media and posted full-length videos on the YNHS website with vaccination information and details about where to receive the vaccine.


Our primary measurement to judge success was website visits. During the campaign, YNHS's website visits rose 80% for those with browsers set to a Spanish-language preference.