YNHS: Ensuring Continuity

To prevent loss of Medicaid or Apple Health coverage once automatic renewal during COVID-19 ended, YNHS deemed encouraging those enrolled to renew their eligibility ASAP crucial.


Because Medicaid automatically renewed during the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency (PHE), there was concern that eligible individuals would not realize they had to renew their eligibility once the PHE ended to retain their coverage.


Encourage those on Medicaid or Apple Health to renew their eligibility so they will not lose their Medicaid or Apple Health coverage.


Create a six-week, dual-language campaign including TV, Streaming TV, Radio, Print, Digital, and Social Media Advertising, targeting low-income populations in the Yakima Valley and encouraging them to renew their Medicaid or Apple Health eligibility.


The campaign resulted in a 35% increase in visitors to the YNHS website, with over 80% being first-time visitors. 89% of those visitors primarily speak English, 8% Spanish, and 3% other.