What’s in a name?


Your brand is more than just your logo. Your brand is the manner in which you represent your organization every time you engage with an audience. The essence of your brand should flow through every aspect of your communications—business cards, websites, images you use in advertisements, or the way you answer the phone. Through a facilitated brainstorming process, we help you identify the core aspects of your brand and develop tools to communicate that brand clearly and consistently. Detailed brand guidelines help every employee understand the aspects of your brand and ensure others working on your behalf understand how to adequately and consistently represent your organization.

Tips and Tools

Continuity is the greatest tool in building a brand. Even if brand guidelines are not within your budget right now, developing a consistent look and tone in your materials will help customers recognize your message and build trust in you over time. The old adage is that customers need to see or hear your message three times to comprehend it. If your brand always looks or sounds different, your message won’t connect—resulting in less effective messaging and more expensive advertising trying to get their attention.