Integrated Campaigns

Integrated Campaigns

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket…


The days of the family sitting together around the radio or TV to get the daily news are gone. Now consumers are watching TV while checking e-mail on their computers and playing games on their phones—simultaneously. With attention constantly divided between devices and responsibilities, it’s impossible to pick one media platform and expect to get your message across. At FG we help develop integrated marketing campaigns that layer your message across several media platforms with precise targeting so that your story can be seen and comprehended more effectively—saving you time and money.

Tips and Tools

When working in multiple platforms, it’s important to remember that the same message can often be reworded, retargeted, and reposted to fit within different platforms. A blog post can be condensed for Facebook. A brand video can live on your website, while shorter takes from the video can be developed to feed social media. Content from articles, stories, and ads you’ve developed can often be repurposed across your other outreach platforms—saving you time and expense.