A Return to Great Signage

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Are customers confused about your hours or if you are open? With stay-at-home orders and phased reopening, businesses must think fast to adapt and share relevant information with their customers.

Did you know, nearly every American town used to have a sign painter? This highly specialized profession employed artisans who acquired the craft through apprenticeship or trade school. Sign craft married art and commerce in hand-lettered signage that was legible, eye-catching, and most of all—professional. Businesses understood the value of their signage and recognized without a skilled sign painter, they may flounder as they try to go it alone.

Today, business owners are trying to do it all. Proprietors are drafting signs on poster boards, printer paper, and cardboard to try to share their essential business details. The trouble is, customers have a gut reaction to impromptu signage and without a design eye, how do you know if that reaction is positive? Signs may be hard to read, handwritten signs may look hurried or convey a feeling of panic, and sometimes signs just present a discouraging message.

Great signage is a free billboard. It's a commonly missed advertising opportunity and is a constant reminder to passersby that you are there.

As we enter phased reopening, now is the perfect time for your businesses to create new, clear signs your customers can’t miss. A business with clear, professional signs inspires feelings of confidence and positivity, especially in uncertain times. Polished signage says, “We’ve got this. Come on in.”

For those who are feeling the pressure and don’t know where to start, to those who may just need a little makeover, we’re here to whip up smart, distinctive signs for you. Whether it’s sidewalk signs and flags, indoor/outdoor banners, window clings, or vinyl—we know the ropes. Please give us a call and share what you want to accomplish; we’ll suggest options that work for you.

And, if you need help getting the word out across the community, we’ll partner with you to customize consistent messaging across platforms to reach your audience.

Connect today. We’re here for you.