Cole Crapps

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Describe yourself in three words:

Empathetic, enthusiastic, eclectic (also, alliterative)

What was your first impression of Field Group?

My first impression of FG came from afar since I was still living in Texas at the time. But even over Zoom and email, the team’s warmth and generosity were immediately apparent!

Should people shoot straight with you or temper their words? Why?

A former editor told me the perfect number of words should be like a lady’s skirt — long enough to cover what it needs to, but short enough to keep things interesting.

What do you do when you’re stuck (work related)?

Having music playing in the background always helps me because it distracts the anxious part of my brain, freeing up the productive part to get to work.

What’s your creative advice?

Trust yourself. Imposter Syndrome is real and you’re likely doing better than you think!

What’s usually going on inside your brain?

Often, it’s praying that my cat doesn’t get up to too many hijinks while I’m at work.

If you were a punctuation mark what would you be? Why?

I’d be an interrobang – first, because I love the word, and second, because I constantly react to the world with a mixture of excitement and bemusement.

What are your super powers at Field Group?

My eye for proper grammar and AP style, as well as a dubious grasp of Spanish.

Any special talents?

I can bake a cake that elicits marriage proposals.

What do you think is different about Field Group?

For me, the difference is in the level of care everyone shows for both their projects and their coworkers.

What makes you look forward to coming to work?

My Field Group teammates are all so kind, creative, talented, and quirky! Plus, I love working surrounded by plants and occasional four-footed visitors.