Drumroll, please….Introducing the new and improved FG Brand!

Blog / Drumroll, please….Introducing the new and improved FG Brand!

Did you notice Field Group’s new look? Check out those bright, shiny colors, engaging new photos, and Fritz, our furry mascot! Welcome to Field Group’s new, refreshed brand! We had a lot of fun as a team coming up with a new, unique look to reflect our evolving company. In 2017, ownership shifted to Nicole, Sarah, and Kristin—the trifecta of boss ladies. Having been part of the company for five, 14, and 19 years respectively, they were ready to launch Field Group in a new direction with a new business model, new company values, and new perspective—and that all called for a brand that felt as exciting as what was happening inside the company. So we got to work developing a brand that conveyed the helpful, in-the-know, creative company we are.

At Field Group, our mission is to help you define and fulfill yours, and our values show how we do that:

Do Bold Creative Work.
Build Strong Connections.
Be Guided by Integrity.
Keep Growing.

It took us a half a minute (ok, a long time) to fully develop our logo and brand because we kept pushing our own internal projects to the back burner to prioritize our clients. Does this ring a bell? We know how tough it can be to sit still long enough to develop and complete internal projects when the phones are ringing and deadlines are looming, and you just need to reply to one more email. That’s why our team has a clear process to facilitate branding work with our clients—we make it easy on your company and do all the heavy lifting with guided steps along the way. If only we could have cloned ourselves and let our doppelgänger refresh our brand while we kept our nose to the grindstone! Well, at the end of the day, we’ve done it! It was a labor of love, and we’re sure proud to share it with the world.

We love how our logo turned out because it’s a playful trick of the eye as both an F and G (which did you see first?), and our mascot Fritz the Squirrel really takes the cake. He expresses our zippy, chipper, fun side—and he sure knows A LOT about marketing and advertising. See for yourself and visit Fritz’s blog.

We hope you love our new look as much as we do. Does your brand’s look need to be refreshed? If your day-to-day has slowed down, this could be an opportunity to do some internal housekeeping and bring some of your projects to the forefront. Then, when “business as usual” resumes, you can arrive on the scene with a big splash.

When you’re ready to talk about your hopes for your business, we’re here to help.