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Some of our favorite projects are developing branding and logos for our clients. Here’s why…first, think of a brand that you’re loyal to and that you find exciting. Maybe you follow them on social media, or maybe they are like an old college buddy you’ve stayed connected to since your 20s, like The North Face.

If you take a closer look at why you connected with those brands and why you’ve remained a follower, we guarantee it has to do with their consistency. Like a friend who always shows up for you and who you can count on to reply and be involved, the brand has become something you trust.

That’s right, building trust is the crux of building strong relationships—whether you’re talking about people or organizations. 

Alternatively, think of a brand with inconsistent colors, shifting fonts, and hard to read logos. These brands may feel slippery and unpredictable. They don’t display with certainty who they are, and those inconsistencies can inflict feelings of uncertainty and a lack of trust from their audience.

Similarly, if an organization that usually uses straightforward, assertive messages begins sharing silly or lighthearted social media posts, the mismatch of your expectations and this new, different voice can feel jarring. Imagine if your doctor came into the exam room wearing flip-flops and a backward baseball cap? You might not feel very secure about the health advice they have to offer. In the same way, how you express yourself as a brand should ring true with the heart of your organization.

When we develop your brand with you, we take a dive deep into the essence of who you are as an organization. What words describe your company? Edgy, fun, witty? Authoritative, informed, experience? Neighborly, generous, responsive? We look at everything from your values and the tone of your organization’s voice to the feelings your brand elements should spark.

We work very closely with you in the branding and logo process, using you as a sounding board and fine-tuning together to develop strong, defined elements that express who you are in a way that feels genuine to you.

Once we’ve developed the elements and guidelines of your brand, you can begin sharing it confidently. From that point forward, you know you’re telling your story in your voice and expressing your values in a way that inspires trust and reliability with your clients or consumers. That, my friends, is the foundation of long-term customer relationships.

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