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Describe yourself in three words: Intuitive, passionate, and resourceful.

Describe what you do at FG:

As a Project Manager and Copywriter, I am steadily walking the line between my “Left-Brain” logic of needing to keep projects organized and moving while my “Right-Brain” rationale is fighting for a turn to be creative and tell stories. So, if you walk into my office and I seem a bit frazzled, don’t worry, nothing’s wrong, just doing my job—reigning in my creativity and chaos to keep projects moving and clients happy.

What or who inspires you lately? Why?

I’ve been very inspired by tattooists lately. I have been following a few on social media who work in the PNW. I am inspired by the way they help people tell their stories and express themselves in ways they might not otherwise be able to. Their creativity and confidence in their works have inspired me to be more confident in things I create while also inspiring me to engage and appreciate artwork that I come across more deeply.

What’s your creative advice?

Take risks, don’t be afraid to voice your ideas (especially if they’re different or a little out there), and try not to worry about making “mistakes.”

What’s usually going on inside your brain?

It often depends on where I am or what I’m doing, but I would have to say my most frequent sequence of thoughts breaks down to some version of the following:

  • Did I remember to lock my car?
  • Interior design—I need to change something in my house even though I just redid a whole room; there’s always more to do.
  • Pop culture—I wonder if ______ and ______ are still together.. They were in _____ movie together. Why can I remember every year each of my favorite movies was made but forget every major date that is important in American history (which, as a History major, is not ideal).
  • Where are my keys?
  • I wonder what Maggie (my dog) and Winnie (my cat) are up to.
  • I should probably work on homework when I get off work.
  • Online shopping would be much more fulfilling than homework.
  • Did I lock my keys in the car?
  • And so forth… It’s a restless place in there.