We're Back (in the office)!

Blog / We're Back (in the office)!

A fter roughly a year of working remotely, we’re heading back to the office!

Much like the rest of the world’s workforce sent to work from home last March, our team has taken to the comforts of the at-home workspace. Rolling out of bed shortly before log-in times, wearing lounge clothes all day, doing chores while listening in on a meeting— much of the perks we’ve grown accustomed to will soon be upended as we head back into the office. To help ease our transition (and maybe yours too), we’ve come up with a few tricks to bring us back to in-office life. Here’s what we’ve come up with so far:

  1. There’s no place like home… so bring some of it with you.
  2. Find the familiar…it’s comfy…just like your work sweats!

Plowing through a task list from the couch will have a vastly different vibe than your professional office chair. And that’s a good thing—just ask your lower back. But, how about introducing some of that relaxing, warm, and inviting familiarity of home with knickknacks, plants, or that tea you’ve been guzzling every day. It’s the little things that make a difference and can only help distract you from the fact that you’re going to need to wear pants again.

Now that you’ve surrounded yourself with familiar odds and ends from home, stand by that home routine you developed!

Whatever has been working for you at home can still work for you in the office!

Have your coffee by 9:00 am, get through emails by 10:00 am, whatever you’ve been doing to keep you on track and productive, stick with it. We know being back in the office brings a level of unpredictability with it (random drop-ins, impromptu meetings), so take control where you can!

While we hope these tips will make the transition a little more bearable for us all, we know we’ll be grieving the loss of sweatpant workwear, and the potential to write reports and manage accounts from bed. However, as we transition into warmer weather, let's cast off our bulky sweatpants, don our buttons and zippers and rush headlong into those old spaces. The Field Group offices have long been a place for lively interaction and rich collaboration with teammates, and with fresh eyes and renewed spirits, we hope all making their way back to the office will find inspiration in their spaces, their team, and their work.