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Describe yourself in three words: Nerdy, Enthusiastic, Tenacious

Should people shoot straight with you or temper their words? Why? Shoot straight, but be kind. Honesty and compassion are not mutually exclusive.

What have you learned recently? Picking up new hobbies is my favorite hobby, so I’m constantly learning new things. Most recently, I learned how to crochet a stuffed dinosaur.

What's your creative advice? Don’t be afraid. It’s easy to not pursue creative ideas in fear that they are bad or embarrassing, but your creativity can’t grow if you don’t give it a place to expand.

Name your favorite movie quote: “Pools are perfect for holding water, man.” – Dave, Hot Rod

What do you think is different about Field Group? From project managers to designers, everyone has a voice at Field Group. Group brainstorming sessions are frequent and there are no bad ideas. An account manager might have a brilliant design idea for a project they’re not even on. The constant collaboration and open environment at Field Group allows for creative development that sets us apart from the rest.