O’hana Mammography Center

Guerrilla marketing to raise local awareness and local donations


While Breast Cancer Awareness month is highly supported in our community through donations, the most common recipients of those donated funds are national charities with little distribution to the local Yakima community.


We proposed O’hana Mammography Center jump ahead of the Breast Cancer Awareness activities by having the first promotion of the season and encouraging people that give to “Keep Support Local” and make a measurable impact right here at home.


Our team woke up at 2 a.m. on the first day of Breast Cancer Awareness month and covered the busy intersection by O’hana with thousands of pink lights, 300 dainty pink bras, yard signs, and a huge 30’ bright pink vinyl bra with the message “Keep Support Local.” Volunteers on site wore campaign T-shirts and accepted donations from community members in their cars.


Donations to O’hana were significant and included a $10,000 gift from a first-time donor—but the publicity was priceless. The event was covered on all news and social media channels. They spotlighted O’hana’s services, breast cancer awareness facts, and screening reminders. In a secondary PR opportunity, the bras were donated to the local YWCA for women in need, and was again covered by local media.