Ummelina Spa Retreat

Ummelina needed a revamped beautiful site optimized for mobile use on any device with booking capabilities.


Ummelina’s website was created almost two decades ago and hadn’t been updated since.

Appointments could not be scheduled online, and finding information on the website could be difficult. The website was not mobile-friendly, so visitors on smartphones were unable to use the site.


In order to compete with other spas, Ummelina needed a mobile-friendly website that would work for all screen sizes, as well as an online booking software so clients could make appointments from the website.


Field Group met with Ummelina to discuss their needs and understand their brand. We then designed and developed a new, mobile-friendly website with a fresh look that makes Ummelina stand out from other spas. We also built an online e-commerce store where Ummelina’s spa products could be sold online.


Ummelina was thrilled with the results. Ummelina had over 80 additional new spa appointments at the Seattle location after the new site launched! Product sales also went up compared to before the new website launch.